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По умолчанию GiliSoft Screen Recorder Pro 10.6

File Size: 53 MB

GiliSoft Screen Recorder Pro is a professional video program for screen recording and editing / converting video to PC.

This program is suitable for creating video tutorials or even entire lectures, manuals on the use of various applications or reviews of video games.
Screen Recorder pro is a program for recording screen video and editing video in the integrated video editor and converting it into any video format that captures what is happening on the screen, program sounds and your voice at the same , saving the recording to a compressed video file in real .

Full screen recording mode.

Windows in write mode.

Recording area mode.

Support for computer games based on DirectX and OpenGL.

Customizable audio / video quality

High performance screen capture driver for older PCs.

Good audio / video synchronization.

Capture settings from speakers, microphone and external lines.

Writing to FLV files.

The ability to capture the mouse cursor or not.

Capture a screenshot of the desktop or active window in Windows.

Automatically split video files by or by size.

Easy to use

Indicator of the record or frame rate in the game.

Customizable hotkeys.

Convert video and audio of all popular formats.

Convert HD and AVCHD to popular formats.

Extract audio from m4a, wma, wav, mp3, aac, ac3, ape, mka, ogg, etc. video files

Crop video to create the perfect picture for different screen sizes.

Transfer all your video files to your favorite format.

Adding special effects to videos, such as discoloration, embossing, negative and old film.

Add any text, image or watermark, change the color of your video files.

Add and edit subtitles in .MKV files, create plug-in subtitles in SRT format.

Setting video / audio output parameters such as resolution, frame rate,

encoder, level and bit rate.

Set brightness, contrast, saturation and volume.

Support converting multiple files at once.

official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

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По умолчанию Gilisoft Screen Recorder 10.6

File Size: 16 MB

Screen recording can be useful when you need to record a how-to video to help someone learn how to use a program, record a game walkthrough, or prepare for a presentation.

Record here means you can create a video of whatever you are doing on your desktop, save the recording as a video file and send it to a friend or upload it on YouTube.

Powerful Capture Function

-Record from webcam, external devices, computer screen (records the entire screen, a single window or any selected portion), streaming video with high quality.

Good Video Audio Simultaneously

-Record video alone or video and audio (both computer sounds and microphone) simultaneously.

Support Recording Video Conferences

-Record audio from your microphone and speakers simultaneously, ideal for recording video conferences

Highlight with HotSpot Function

-Magnify the area of cursor during recording (Maximum 4X), and it also allows you to adjust the recording area during screen recording.

H264 Encoder with GPU Acceleration

-Provides hardware accelerated h.264 encoder and Nvidia CUDA/NVENC H.264 encoder.

Many Output Formats

-MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, H264, Virtual Camera(Coming soon), Rtmp Server(Coming soon).

Add Watermarks to video

-Recording video with text watermark or image watermark (JPG/PNG/GIF).

Capture Snapshots

-Create photo snapshots with png, jpg and bmp format at any when recording video.

Hot keys

-Easily use hotkeys to start, pause ,stop recording video , capture screenshot and use hotshot function.

Cursor and Click Effect

-Embed mouse cursor in recording, mouse click sound effect, and mouse click effect.

official site does not provide any info about changes in this version

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