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По умолчанию Autodesk Inventor 2017 R4 Update

Autodesk Inventor 2017 R4 Update | 897 MB

Autodesk Inc., a world leader in 3D design software for entertainment, natural resources, manufacturing, engineering, construction, and civil infrastructure, announced the release of Inventor 2017 R4, is the foundation of the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping.
Inventor 2017 is built to serve the expanding role of the modern professional engineer. Core mechanical design tools are better than ever, with new features that help you design faster and optimize performance from the outset. Integrated communication tools help you connect with anyone on the project team, regardless of their role, company, or location. And new interoperability tools pull data together from virtually any discipline or software so you can build a single, complete definition of your product.Bonus: Autodesk Inventor 2017 Add-Ins exclusive to Autodesk Subscription Customers

What's new in Inventor 2017:

Enhanced AnyCAD Reference Models
Autodesk has taken extra steps to improve the Reference Model feature of Inventor. This improvement updates the behavior of Inventor when working with CATIA, SolidWorks, NX and Pro-E/Creo files. Most impressively, a STEP model can be referenced within the Inventor assembly and when the STEP file is updated, Inventor accounts for the design change.
While this is not a new feature, the improvements to interoperability means being able to do more with Inventor without having to break my workflow. Being able to work in a mixed CAD environment, where another user is using another software, and then to be able to get updated models based on my co-worker's design changes is an amazing thing that will surely greatly improve my ability to bring my designs to production.
Component Transparency
You can now toggle the transparency of a component in an assembly without applying an Appearance override.
This feature gets rid of the hassle of changing appearances of components to work on other details of your assembly. This is opposed to current options like visibility, suppression, or appearance, which get the job done, but at a much more rudimentary level. This feature is much more intuitive and gives a great visual on the assembly you're working with so you know exactly what you're working on at all times.
3D PDF Publishing
Autodesk has finally integrated the capability to export 3D PDFs from Inventor. Users can now export their models in 3D PDF format to be viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader. There are also options to create custom 3D PDF templates to change the arrangement of exported elements in the PDF.
This feature ties in with a post from a couple weeks ago, 3D PDF is a feature that has one of the most views and kudos on the IdeaStation and as such it's a feature I know the entire community is excited about.
3D PDF is a file format that allows users to not only view model representations, but to zoom, pan and revolve models within the PDF. It's a powerful viewing tool that requires no more than Adobe Acrobat Reader, which many people already have. This allows users to share files with whomever they please without worrying about file compatibility and eliminating the hassle of downloading proper CAD viewing software. This improves communication between all parties involved and allows for a better flow from design to approval to production.
Full Windows 10 and High-Res (4K) Monitor Support
Autodesk has listened! With more users switching to the newest operating systems and monitor technology, software compatibility issues have plagued some users. Two of the most common issues were Windows 10 and high-resolution displays. There have been service packs for the most common applications, but no Inventor products were Windows 10 supported out-of-the-box until now with the 2017 releases. For users of high-res displays, there was a workaround, but it only fixed some of the icons, while others still remained too small to feasibly use.
The addition of these features means that people can comfortably move to newer operating systems with no worry about compatibility issues with the software. Users who are early adopters of high-res monitors can now see their projects with proper scaling, as opposed to having to reduce the resolution of the monitor, rendering its high-res capability useless. These features don't necessarily change the workflow in Inventor, but they relieve any questions regarding software and hardware compatibility that were issues for users who are up-to-date with the newest technological advances.
Connected Design
Connect with collaborators and review feedback directly in Inventor. Design shares can also be created in Inventor and sent to A360.
Design reviews have always been a complex series of sending, receiving, and reviewing particular models and drawings. This process can become even more complex if collaborators are not in the same geographical area. Autodesk has made this process easier by keeping it all in one platform. No longer do people need to email countless models and drawings to one another and keep up with updates and feedback from numerous people.
Presentation Environment
Inventor 2017 has implemented workflow improvements over older releases for creating presentations of exploded views, animations, assembly instructions, and drawings of your parts and assemblies.
Setting up views is easier than ever. Creating exploded views is as simple as pushing and pulling the components to your desired locations, while every move is tracked and recorded by the storyboard. Snapshots can be taken at any moment during the view creation process, at any desired camera angle.
Storyboards can be used to layout animations. All actions in the animation are included within the storyboards, which can then be converted to a video, or to a raster image. Creating drawings from exploded views is now simpler in 2017. You can simply create drawing views just by clicking a particular snapshot and choosing the "Create Drawing View" option.
With these new changes users can more easily share their designs and assemblies without having to send multiple CAD files or drawings.
Tube and Pipe
The Tube and Pipe environment in Inventor 2017 recieved upgrades to make your life easier. The Find in Browser context menu option is now enabled during route creation and also when placing flexible hose fittings. Two new context menu options, Offset Point, and Intermediate Point, were added to allow you to create multiple intermediate points when you route a flexible hose with fittings. Also, the message box that displays when you check a problematic bend radius has been replaced with a new Show Violations dialog box.
This pass of Tube and Pipe enhancements is all working faster. With the new Offset Point and Intermediate Point options, you can set multiple intermediate points as you design your route, before placing the second fitting. The new Show Violations dialog box displays a tree view of spline segments where bend radius violations occur. Selecting a node in the dialog box highlights the corresponding segment in the graphics window, which helps you find the offending section quicker.

Product: AutoDesk Inventor
Version: 2017 R4 Update (Build 250) for Customers with Subscription
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even SP1 / 8.x / 10
Software Prerequisites: AutoDesk Inventor 2017

All Link Download :

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