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По умолчанию MetaProducts Offline Explorer Enterprise 7.4.4580 SR2 Multilingual Portable

MetaProducts Offline Explorer Enterprise 7.4.4580 SR2 Multilingual Portable | 22.3 Mb
Offline Browser: Make your own offline browsing solutions with OLE Automation. Experience the full power of Offline Explorer Enterprise: a scalable solution supporting massive s, fast data processing and capable to integrate with your company applications and systems.

Bringing new unlimited capabilities in archiving Websites
Being the industry-leading application for Website archiving and ing, Offline Explorer Enterprise delivers the high-level ing technology and industrial-strength capabilities. up to 100 million URLs per Project. Archive Websites automatically on a regular basis. Copy the ed Websites directly to your hard drive or to other external media, like Flash drives or DVDs. Archive the ed content in any format: WARC, ZIP, CHM, EXE. Examine a detailed report for ed URLs and link errors.

Is Internet access restricted at your company? We know how to still have necessary Websites at hands.
There are many reasons why Internet access can be limited. If your company or educational organization restricts Internet access for security or productivity reasons, your employees still need access to certain industry related Websites. Offline Explorer Enterprise can all relevant Websites to publish them in your Intranet easily.

Create your own offline browsing solution
OLE Automation enables developers to interoperate with Offline Explorer Enterprise making its folders, Projects and s fully accessible. Create your own solution using Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi or another COM-compatible development environment to start new s, manage Projects and process ed Websites via Offline Explorer Enterprise.

Precise and flexible
It's easy to bulk Websites or just some files you need. With its varied and flexible settings, Offline Explorer Enterprise gives you full control over what to and what to skip. Everything is possible with Offline Explorer Pro: ing password-protected Websites, setting the to automatically start at the time you need, using Macros to constantly updated Websites, and many more.

Always Up-to-date, for 18+ years
For more than 18 years, Offline Explorer Enterprise has progressed to the state of the art in Website capturing. Since appearing in 1997, we have permanently been adding new functionality and latest technology to present continual and consistent updates.

Capturing Social Networking Websites
Capture social networking Websites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and other interactive Websites. New practical Wizards let you quickly your favorite social media Websites.

Task-based Wizards to dramatically speed-up your workflow
The fastest and most efficient Website er is now first to offer the task based Wizards, so you can uniquely easy the Web content you need. Get started with almost any task you might need using new Wizards with no need to set many Properties.

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(Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)

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